Restorative Dentistry in Santa Maria

Damaged and missing teeth can impair the function of teeth, and leave patients feeling less confident about their appearance. At the office of Dr. Riforgiate, he and and his compassionate team of dental professionals help patients restore their smiles with both traditional and implant-supported restorations.

Our restorative methods include the following:

Implant-Supported Restorations

Dental implant supported restorations are a comprehensive solution to tooth loss. The presence of the implant in the alveolar jaw bone limits the resorption process, helping the jaw bone retain volume. 

To place a dental implant, first Dr. Riforgiate will ensure your smile is free of disease and decay. Once it’s determined that your smile is at its optimal health, he will recommend you to our trusted local implantologist. Once placed and completely healed, the implant is ready to be affixed with its custom prosthetic.

Dental implants can enhance nearly all restorations. They can replace a single lost tooth with a crown. Implant-supported bridges can replace a whole quadrant of teeth, and dental implants can replace up to a whole arch of teeth by supporting a set of full or partial dentures. 

Traditional Restorations

For patients looking to replace missing teeth, there are several proven non-surgical methods that can fill the gaps in your smile. Some prefer these methods to avoid undergoing dental implant surgery. Whether you have one tooth extracted or many, conventional bridges, partials, and dentures effectively restore appearance and function.

Bridges involve using the surrounding teeth to anchor the prosthetic, and is a great option for replacing a short row of teeth. A partial denture works well for the same circumstances, but allows you to remove the restoration for cleaning and maintenance. Removable dentures are a great option for patients wanting to replace an entire arch of teeth.

While these options are beneficial for preventing neighboring teeth from shifting into the gaps, they do not prevent the acceleration of bone loss, as they only replace the visible portion of the tooth. By choosing dental implants as part of your restorative treatment plan, you receive a comprehensive solution to your missing teeth.

Choose Dr. Riforgiate for Your Santa Maria Dental Restorations

For restorative dental services in Santa Maria, choose Dr. Anthony Riforgiate. He offers a host of services to help his patients reach their optimal oral health. For more information, please continue to browse our site and give us a call with further questions. 


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